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Dr Neslyn Watson-Druee, CBE International Professional Speaker on Leadership, Executive Coach, Certified High Performance Coach, Certified One Command Coach, Certified Thinking Environment Coach and Consultant enables you to: be your best in your leadership, achieve high performance, achieve excellence and transform your business and life with integrity, passion, vision and emotional intelligence.

Dr Neslyn received the award of: Women of the Decade in Community Leadership & Social Change from Women Economic Forum May 2017.Dr Neslyn was awarded at World Human Resources Congress in 2017 as 100 Best Global Coaching Leader.

Here follows a few questions for You:
Do you lack clarity on your vision and direction?
Are you overwhelmed? Do you need even more focus?
Are you unaware of your signature strengths and how to articulate your strengths?
Would you like strategies to take you to the top 10% in your niche and stay in the top 10% of your niche?
Could your resilience be strengthened?
Would you like to develop your emotional intelligence even more?
Could your team raise the bar even more?
Do you need to be more strategic?
Do you need to develop your political acumen?

If your answer is Yes to one or more of the above questions, then let us start a conversation.

I enable leaders to be courageous, authentic, confident, to be their full potential and leave a legacy.

I enable existing CEOs and Directors: to know themselves even better, to be even more exceptional in their leadership, to create cultures that enable people to thrive, release their creativity, vision and intelligence including emotional intelligence.

Dr Neslyn has over 25 years experience of working on Boards inclusive of 15 years experience as a Chairman

"I have had the absolute pleasure to work with Neslyn in 2017. She is an exceptional executive coach and our work together has been enlightening, inspirational and has had a profoundly positive impact for me. Neslyn has many, many skills but her signature strength is to truly understand what makes people tick and to develop self-awareness to enable them to achieve their greatest ambitions."
Jessica McDarren
Trade Finance Director, Consumer Products Division UK-Ireland

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