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Viveka features experts from all over the world with specific qualifications tailored to your needs. Some of our experts are featured below.

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All Coaches, Mentors & Speakers

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Our Mission

Updating Human Thoughtware

Our vision is to up level humanity in the same way that we continuously upgrade technology, so that we can embrace change with a positive mindset. Our mission is therefore to make professional and personal development more accessible to the world on a transparent, easy to use and professional marketplace.

"I believe that professional development is one of the most important services in our current times of extreme change. It brings fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness and increased confidence."

Katja Kempe CEO & Founder

All Coaches, Mentors & Speakers

Our Values

Viveka is closely guided by its core values - Integrity, Diversity and Innovation.

Have you ever struggled to select the right coach for yourself or your business? Struggled to find the perfect keynote speaker for your event or needed a mentor but didn't know where to find the right person?

If so, then Viveka is for you

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