Information about Viveka

Welcome from the CEO
Viveka is the world’s largest marketplace for the professional development and personal growth industry. We connect coaches, mentors and speakers to companies and individuals. Our mission is to positively impact 500 million lives with our services.

WHY do people need our service?

Coaching brings fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness and increased confidence.  Viveka creates transparency and clarity in an extremely fragmented industry, so that individuals and companies can compare between and connect to experts tailored to their needs. Professional development is one of the most important services in our current times of extreme change and the demand for personal growth has never been this high.

1.    Digital disruption is changing the way we live and work and people need support to manage change.

2.    The entrepreneurial industry is growing by millions, and entrepreneurs naturally want to self-develop.

3.    Sadly, mental health statistics on anxiety and depression have never peaked this high before. We support the people suffering and take them out of the darkness.

4.    Lastly, the corporate world has never invested this much in their human capital, in fact they are investing over $130 billion p.a., but they are struggling to find an aggregated marketplace to make an informed and empowered decision on the expert of their choice.

We are the hub where they all come together. The place where employees are directed, where service providers are aggregated and where individuals can compare between offerings in the industry. 

What VALUE do we provide?

Coaches gain more exposure, leads and ultimately clients, as well as increased credibility through our vetting service. In due course our integrated software solution will also provide coaches with the entire backend hosting of their administration tasks. 

"So that you can focus on serving your clients and what you do best... coach!"


Companies and individuals benefit from transparency and comparison amongst service providers to ensure the best suited expert is matched to their requirements. We act as a concierge service for you selecting the best suited experts to match your requirements. This allows for significant cost savings and efficiencies within companies, as well as trust and confidence in the selection process.

What does the name Viveka mean?

Viveka is Sanskrit for truth, discernment knowledge or true knowledge. The ability to connect and be in alignment with yourself. To know yourself and therefore know what is right for you.