Our Vision‚Äč

Provide transformational learning experiences to billions.

Katja Kempe CEO and Founder Viveka
Katja kempe

Provide transformational learning experiences to billions

Trusted Partner in Life and Business

We believe in the power of human potential.
We live in GREAT times – the Great Resignation, the Great Transition, the Great Reshuffle.

We unleash the power of human potential.

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Success Without Compromise‚Äč

Compromising your life for the success of your
business is a thing of the past.

We design work for wellbeing.

Informed by AI. Powered By Humans.

Our proprietary smart technology centralizes
all your learning data points for meaningful reporting.

We enable smart transformation.


Manage the growth of all your employees, so you can continue to powerfully serve your customers.
Increased Productivity
Retain Key Talent
Improve Employee Satisfaction


Find the very best expert and trainings, so you can reach your highest potential faster and live your best life.
Reach Your Goals
Trusted Expertise
Live Life To Your Fullest Potential


All the tools you need to grow your business, so you can focus on what you do best.
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