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WHAT WE DO: We coach business owners and C-Level Executives to make a breakthrough in their business’ biggest roadblock by taking them through The Solution SystemTM.

WHO WE WORK WITH: CEO’s, Business Owners, and C-Level Executives that have a commitment to overcome their business barriers.

WHY IT WORKS: We harness your brain power to uncover the answers to the obstacles that you have not seen before and create a solution. 

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT: What we do different is ask the right questions in the proper order and the state of mind where the answers become evident.

After completing this process, you have a roadmap completed to take you past your roadblock and to your next level in your business.


“Scott took the pulse of the company and helped us revamp our supervisor and evaluation systems. Office morale has improved.” - John Tapogna - President ECONorthwest

“My team and I attended one of his retreats, and we are still pumped! We have a clear plan for how we’re approaching this year and have already started to execute.” - Phil Sherwood - Founder and President of SherWare, Inc.

“Scott “instantly” understands the struggles facing owners and entrepreneurs, his straightforward and warm approach makes it easy to communicate openly about successes and obstacles.” - Janey Greenlees - Owner of AnchorPointe

Scott Ballard
Confidence Coach LLC

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