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Lorraine Rise, currently a career coach, holds a Master of Science in Human Resources Management from Strayer University. She also has a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management and Services. Starting in the health and weight loss industry, she has coached and helped clients to reach their target weight goals. Since 2013, she has worked in the fields of Recruitment and Human Resources. In 2015, she founded Career UpRising ( formerly WorkSmart Career Counseling) which helps their clients to re-invent themselves professionally and secure a job that aligns with their skills and values.

Through her experiences as a Recruiter and as a job seeker, Lorraine loves sharing her insights about the hiring process. She teaches her clients her most effective strategy to have an edge during a job search which is to think like an employer instead of thinking like a job seeker. She guides job seekers in launching an efficient and strategic job search that helps them land the job they love. She offers programs through Career UpRising which includes a professionally written resume, an impressive cover letter, and a comprehensive LinkedIn profile. These programs may be availed whether you are looking for a new career or a career development.

Lorraine has partnered with 200 clients in over 30 industries. She has worked with notable companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Fannie Mae, and more.

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