Life Strategist, Crisis Counselor & Turnaround Coach

Thomas Leonard, the founding father of the coaching industry, once said: “Life is simple but not always easy.” The fact of the matter is that life happens! We encounter situations and events that can throw us off balance. These events can make it difficult for us to maintain a healthy balance and an objective perspective.

My role as your Coach is to walk alongside you, to support and assist you while you navigate the issues that have impacted you and that may be holding you back. I utilize evidence-based coaching methodology based on your unique needs that is designed to assist you to draw on sources of strength, both within and around you, to address physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs related to your overall health and well-being. I will teach you to handle future crises with skill, courage, and confidence.

Coaching is my calling and helping people who are stuck or in crisis is my life’s work. I have 25 years of experience successfully working to improve the lives of adults faced with adverse circumstances.

You’d want to work with me IF:
• You are presently going through a personal or family crisis or dealing with the aftermath of trauma and are feeling stressed, burdened and overwhelmed.
• After months or years of struggle, you would finally like to learn how to manage overwhelm and essentially thrive in any environment after receiving a new diagnosis, while enduring a rare disorder, chronic illness or disability or when caring for a sick or aging loved one.
• You have suffered a recent loss and are feeling overly-saddened and grief-stricken. Could be due to the death of a family member or loved one or personal loss or tragedy of any kind.
• You have survived the physical, mental and emotional pain of domestic violence or spousal abuse, are feeling trapped by the past and unable to move forward. I work with men as well as women.
• You are struggling with a life-altering substance and/or behavior addiction that threatens to destroy everything you hold dear.
• You are a student or a professional living with ADD/ADHD and need specific solutions to organize and simplify your life and help you to stay on track and achieve your goals.
• You need a little extra support in certain areas or want help getting unstuck or strategizing your ideal lifestyle.
• You lack clarity and focus surrounding your life purpose or calling.
• You want to become stronger and more resilient as you face obstacles in life.
• You desire more fulfilling, healthier, harmonious relationships or just want to a better wife, husband, mother, father, son or daughter, sibling, friend, neighbor or co-worker.
• You’re NOT just looking for a Life Coach. You also want a Life Strategist – someone to come along side of you during life’s most difficult moments, provide solutions and emergency crisis counseling for you and your family and serve as a resource specialist offering timely referrals for your diverse array of needs.

Client Testimonials

“I have been blessed to have Hope coach me in different areas of life. She shared her knowledge and support that helped me put my goals and ideas in priority. Hope has encouraged me with her gentle voice and calming spirit. She provided me with resources and contacts that helped me choose the right school for my son, as well as dealing with my elderly dad. Hope has helped me with other personal areas in life helped me put things in prospective and priority. By her sincere attitude and great ability to listen, she helped me realize that being back with the body of Christ, was needed for my growth, and this has changed my life. She gave me ideas which helped me organize my thoughts and plans.

Hope has a positive attitude and makes you think nothing is impossible. I am still able to continue to evaluate myself, and continue to reach goals. Working with Hope has been life changing for me, I am so grateful that I had this opportunity to work with her.” – T. Viscardi, Ridgefield Park, NJ

“Since I started coaching with Hope, she has shown herself to be keenly knowledgeable of the challenges facing me in business as well as my personal life. She has displayed a sincere desire to help me overcome the great difficulties I was facing by helping me come up with solutions that fit my lifestyle.

Hope has an amazing ability to listen well to other people’s needs. She has used brilliant coaching techniques to help me work through some of my toughest dilemmas. Hope has not only been effective in helping me to reach my goals, but in helping me to achieve them much more quickly that I would have thought possible. Hope’s experience, sincerity, and passion for helping others succeed will benefit anyone seeking the same level of transformational change in their life.” – K. Bentley, Hackensack, NJ

Hourly rate: $250
6-week Coaching Package: $1,895
• 1 45-minute deep dive initial call
• 6 Weekly Calls (45min)
• Unlimited email support in between sessions

Accreditations: Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified ADHD Coach, Trained Recovery Coach, SMART Recovery Facilitator
In Business Since: 2013
Location: Americas
Type of Service:
Cross Cultural
Energy Work
Intuitive Healing
Team Facilitation
Chinese (Mandarin)
Keywords (optional for better exposure): Anxiety, stress, worry, overwhelm, grief/loss, addictions, wellness, crisis counselor, lifestyle strategy, chronic illness, rare disorders, disabilities, caregiving, crisis, gambling, pornography, chemical dependency, work/life balance, retirement, life transition, ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences), ADD/ADHD, domestic violence, emotional wellness, faith-based, spirituality, direction, relationships
Meeting Type:
In Person
Service delivery to:
Small group