Keynote Speaker

Marla Williams - Operate in Your Personal Zone of Excellence! Live the Life You Dreamed Of!

As an individual, leader or company owner…
-Are you happy in life? Are you doing what you love?
-Do you have work-life balance and leading a healthy life?
-Is your team inspired and excited to be at work each day?
-Do you feel successful as a leader?-Do you connect well with your team & inspire them to reach new levels?
-Are you and/or your company reaching the levels of success and sales that you desire? -Do you have a game-changing culture in place?
-Do you have the perfect speaker for your next event?
If you said no to any one of these questions and would like to be able to say yes, give Marla a call.

Marla is known for her authentic and unique consulting, training and coaching style. Marla believes that absolutely every company is capable of achieving their own unique zone of genius allowing them to build a game-changing culture while achieving tremendous success. She believes each person within the company should be encouraged to capitalize on their unique gifts to provide maximum support to the overall success of the company. It is her passion to coach and inspire you and your team to discover and develop each individual's gifts and passions so each team member can bring their best not only to the company but to their own lives as well.

What she does…
She is able to help companies identify and remove blocks to company success while encouraging the team to think outside of the box to reach new heights of performance. Marla draws on her experiences as a successful corporate leader, strategic planner, trainer, entrepreneur, success coach and consultant. Her gift is the intuitive ability to connect with participants as well as understand the matter at hand. She is engaging, forward thinking and focuses on real issues that will not only change your thoughts but your company and your life. Clients are drawn to her positive energy and outlook and her unique ability to zero in on what will help you or your company overcome your blocks to success and abundance.
Note: Rates negotiable for non-profits

Bottom-Line Results:
-Increased personal and professional happiness and success
-Rediscovered individual significance and passion
-Renewed engagement and new found satisfaction
-Strengthened morale for yourself and your team
-Clear direction for the successful achievement of your goals
-Success in creating a game-changing culture in your workplace

Marla Williams is a certified energy life coach focused on helping others achieve happiness and success in life and on the job. She is a visionary who relies on the richness of 25 years of experience in management, leadership, strategy, organizational development, and customer solutions. Her passion and gift is her intuitive ability to understand the issues you are facing to help you discover relevant, practical solutions that directly address your specific needs!

Marla has held progressively responsible leadership positions and was a key team player in helping create a game-changing culture that grew a $12 million dollar company into a $2.3 billion dollar global company while building extreme customer loyalty. Her extensive professional background in leadership, strategic planning, human resource management, training and development, project/product management, marketing, customer solutions, consulting, coaching and speaker management makes her uniquely able to understand and address issues across a wide variety of teams and organizations.

Marla’s lean training allows her to zone in on cost-effective, value-added solutions that exceed your expectations. Life and Success Coaching training has taken Marla on the ultimate journey providing her with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to help you find your true path to a bold new way of living so you are also fulfilling your dreams.

Marla Williams is available for coaching and consulting and is happy to speak, design and conduct customized training for your team. She is extremely knowledgeable on a wide range of topics and finds that she is most effective with a group when she designs and customizes a session based on specific customer needs or pain points.

-"Marla is a great speaker! She really has a way of connecting with her audience. I felt like she was speaking to me personally." - Sarah Wood

-“Marla’s messages have been life-changing for me. I was stuck in life thinking this was the best it could be when I had the opportunity to hear Marla speak. That’s when it hit me, that my life could be so much better than it was.” - Michelle

-"Her voice is just so calm, clear and I think that she is so engaging in that way so what she says really resonates well." -Rachel Ross, Finance Director, Fluke

-"She pulled me in by her experiences and her stories, they were very relatable and very real. She was able to really connect with everyone." -Kathryn M, Deloitte

Accreditations: Certified Energy Coach, Professional Human Resources PHR, Certified Project Manager
In Business Since: 2012
Location: Americas
Type of Service:
Cross Cultural
Energy Work
Intuitive Healing
Team Facilitation
Chinese (Mandarin)
Keywords (optional for better exposure): yes, and; success; teamwork; excellence; significance, engagement, morale, customer service, customer excellence; customer solutions; worry; anxiety; stress; happiness; balance; peace; purpose; passion; self-confidence; self-worth; depression; burnout; exhaustion; health; wellness