Coach for Creative, Intuitive & Sensitive Women

I've been a life coach for over 10 years with a national & international client base & in that time I've watched people powerfully transform their lifestyle, health, finances, self belief & sometimes even their love life. There's not much that I haven't heard or worked with in that time & it's never a one size fits all approach--you are unique and will need a unique solution. I love to use my intuition & empathy to really listen to you & explore what it is YOU truly need to make your life feel amazing.

I particularly specialise in supporting women who are creative, sensitive, spiritual & feel they'd love to be using their talents more & bringing something fun or important to the world. For this reason I'm the co-founder of Wildfire Women (an events & training organisation). I LOVE to support women who desire to be courageous despite life having thrown up significant obstacles & lessons. However, I've worked with lots of lovely men too & with almost every issue imaginable so please just get in touch & ask.

So, here's a question for you, what if you were able to do something that youve been dreaming about that you have not had the confidence or the courage to do yet you know its keeping you playing a small game in your life? That is what I'm here for!

My coaching is for you if any of these are true:

~You feel like you arent making the most of your life.
~Sometimes you feel like life has become one big to do list.
~You are stuck in work or a lifestyle you dont like anymore.
~There are some issues (at work, home or in you) that you think are holding you back.
~Youre not having enough fun, relaxation, creativity or adventures.
~You dont feel like you have the support you need to make this change.
~You want to create anything: a business, a new relationship, a home, a different perspective or even find fulfilling hobbies.
~You find it hard to put your big ideas into action.
~You feel scared to take the leap but doing nothing isnt an option either.

If you're ready to take that small or big leap that you'd love, I'm here to use my experience, ability to 'tune in', big tool kit & care to create inner and outer change. I'm known for my warmth, positivity, humour, empathy & ability to bring the spiritual & or your hidden dreams together with amazing practical plans (& results to match).

I personally walk my talk too. I am officially trained but my lessons also came from having to heal myself of a 6 year serious illness, learn how to have practical & energetic boundaries (when I had none!), find out my life purpose, explore my own creativity & learn how to run a business.

"It's hard to overstate how much Thea has helped me move forward with my startup and in my personal life. The work that she is doing is cutting edge...I can't recommend her highly enough. If you're interested in help as you move through the blocks that are keeping you from your best life, start working with Thea today." Rachel Cook CEO of SEEDS, US

“Thea has been an amazing help and support to me. I always come…from a session with her feeling incredibly uplifted and alive. Working with her has been invaluable for me during a time of transition in my career and really helped me to get through it with a positive mindset and aware of the opportunities that were presenting themselves. I would thoroughly recommend her as a life coach.” Nicola Comber, BBC Documentary Director, London

“Don’t be fooled by Thea’s sweet, disarming nature – she got me to dig deep and believe me that’s where the gold’s at! I love how all-encompassing Thea’s work is; we dealt with both the practical and the spiritual.She helped me to identify blocks I didn’t know I had and gave me simple, effective tools to help remove them. I experienced positive change after my very first session.” Charlene Allcott, Author, Brighton, UK

Accreditations: Clinical Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, EFT & Life Coaching
In Business Since: 2006
Location: Europe
Type of Service:
Cross Cultural
Energy Work
Intuitive Healing
Team Facilitation
Chinese (Mandarin)
Keywords (optional for better exposure): Women, Creative, Intuitive, Spiritual, Life Purpose, Fun, Relationships, Empathic, Sensitive
Meeting Type:
In Person
Service delivery to:
Small group