A personal Akashic Record Consultation consists of a consultant opening the Record of your Soul through a Sacred Prayer, with your permission, and allowing the information from this profound sacred and spiritual perspective to be revealed.

The impact of the clarity, depth and language from the Akashic Record can reveal a pathway for you to maximize the enjoyment of your life and life’s mission.

You can expect to:

​Gain clarity about the dynamics of relationships and how to work with these influences.
Release reactive patterns and receive the gifts and blessings that are truly intended for you personally.
Develop your own life direction in deeply supportive ways.
Most importantly, we can all use the Akashic Record to become who we are meant to be. With its assistance we can live our lives more fully and completely.”

Mary Parker
Founder of Akashic Records Consultants International
Frequently Asked Questions:

​Is there anything from my past that limits me from manifesting what I choose to have in my life?
How can I use and apply the records in my life?
How can I simplify my life?
How can I activate Grace Points in my life?
What is my primary issue in life?
Why is it such a primary issue with me?
What in me says I am not worthy of (Love) (money) (time off) (friends) (close relationships) (intimate relationships)?
How can I love and accept myself right now?
What is my biggest fear?
Is there a question I am avoiding asking?
If yes what is it?
What is my greatest strength?
What past life is having an influence on my current life?
What can I do about it?
What core belief or issue do I need to be looking at and addressing at this time?
Is there something or someone I have given my power to in the past who is still having a negative effect on me now?
What emotions or beliefs are attached to my physical pain?
Is there any place in my physical form where I am holding energy?
What is my major challenge right now?
What person, place or thing do I have a tendency to give my power to?
How can I form a working relationship with __________ ?
How do I limit myself?
If I stood before God, what would I be hesitant to admit?
If I stood before God, would I be open and receptive to what he has to tell me?
What brings my soul it's greatest joy?
What step(s) would be next to be on track with my purpose?
What prevents me from receiving love?
What blocks me from the flow of love?
What beliefs has my family taught me that blocks me from loving myself?
What spiritual practice would benefit and support me in my growth at this time?
What qualities do I possess that connect me to Source that I can expand and build on?
What attachment in my life keeps me emotionally charged?
What area(s) of my life is/are out of integrity?
Is there another way to ask this question?
Are there other questions I could ask that would give me a clearer answer?
If yes, What are they?
Is there an easier or different way of (looking at my issues) (Handling this situation) (doing this job)?
What illusions are keeping me from standing in my (power) (truth) (knowingness)?
What is blocking me from loving and approving of myself unconditionally?
What is the origin of my belief that ... (I must work hard for my money) (I am different from others) (I am unlovable)?
How do I dissolve this belief? What do I replace it with? How do I go about replacing it?
Pick out the questions you like and the ones you hate, fill in with your own questions so you have about 25 questions for a one hour consultation. After you pay, Boni will contact you for an appointment time.

Accreditations: IMDHA, Certified Akashic Record Consultant and Trainer, Certified ThetaHealer, International Coaching Assn and more
In Business Since: > 15 years
Location: Americas
Type of Service:
Cross Cultural
Energy Work
Intuitive Healing
Team Facilitation
Chinese (Mandarin)
Keywords (optional for better exposure): self discovery, root causal clearings, life navigator
Meeting Type:
In Person
Service delivery to:
Small group