Curiosity and the Science of You: Keynote | Workshop | Coach

What is the greatest strength of an individual?

Who they connect with.

What holds us back from being our best self?

Being stuck.

Now the most important question - how do we free ourselves from what we are stuck in?

This is more complicated, but the best place to start is to understand how we work at our best, why we stop working at our best, and how to connect with the most natural way to turn ourselves on. This begins with opening the doors of possibility and turning on the curiosity required to move forward. Richard delves into the brain, the body, and utilizes the best science to show how to reconnect to yourself and to others. He can turn your work-place into a life-place. There is no separation between work and life. How did we ever think there was? Surely people are alive at work? Sometimes, one wonders.

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Richard's career spans many different fields. After two decades as a professional performer, actor, and singer, he was ravaged by the GFC left him without a career or a bank account. In 15 years he has rebuilt his life to become an internationally regarded expert in human behaviour, the brain, and how the body functions for health, well being, and best performance. He lectures around the globe and is published internationally. After building his reputation in the field of psychotherapy and neuroscience, it is now time to turn his attention to business and the people who make business not only functional, but possible.

There are so many things that a business can function without. It can even function without profit. Although that is not a very successful business, it can still be called a business. But, if you take out the people, there is no business. Without those who work in the business and those who purchase from the business, there is no business. People need to be the top priority.

Our problems today stem from the inability of many people to cope with life, both business and personal. That is the work that Richard specialises in - changing the influences that cause the problem in the first place. Motivating people to get going is easy enough, and many do it very well, but motivation is not enough. If it were, then you only need a motivator once. Bringing them back again and again should tell you that this is not the core of the problem.

Richard will speak at your conference or professional gathering, he will organize workshops that are tailored to your unique needs, he will facilitate programs that will initiate the changes each person needs to find their best self.

Let us start by talking about what you need. Then we can create what we can do.

Accreditations: Master of Arts (Social Ecology), Master of Education, Master of Brain and Mind Sciences. President of the Global Association for Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies: Managing Editor of The Neuropsychotherapist
In Business Since: > 15 years
Location: Australia
Type of Service:
Cross Cultural
Energy Work
Intuitive Healing
Team Facilitation
Chinese (Mandarin)
Keywords (optional for better exposure): mind, brain, lifestyle, keynote speaker, coach, human performance, mediation, optimized performance, mindfulness, problem solving, teamwork