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The human experience can be amazing but at times can also feel overwhelming for all of us. It can be difficult to be in a space where you cannot see an end to the difficulties that you are facing. These feelings can be fleeting or can seem to go on indefinitely. This is the nature of how our brains are programmed.

Mentoring is about exploring habitual programs and having a conversation about what is true to the universal human experience. As these truths come into focus you will begin to get more peace of mind and clarity. As our conversations continue your understanding will deepen allowing you to see unwanted thoughts and patterns of behaviour for want they are and achieve life-changing insights. No effort required. Together our conversations will take you beyond the intellectual to a deeper appreciation and understanding of what creates every one of your experiences.
If you are looking for freedom from…
The bonds of your past,
Stress of life
Ineffective or unhappy relationships with family or colleagues
Stop self-sabotage
Feelings of insecurity, anxiety and unhappiness
People pleasing and approval addiction
Unwanted behavioural habits
If you are looking for your game changer and are open and ready to be the change you want to see then let’s start that conversation.
Once you start this journey, learning what is behind the human experience, the understanding of how we create our experiences then your insights will allow you to be happier, confident and more emotional resilience.
What people are saying…

Hi Justine. As promised I will let you know what I got from our session.
“Our session made me realise the importance of not being on autopilot all the time, to give myself space to listen to what I know I should do in a lot of areas in my life.
It was also a real eye-opener regarding how I hold grudges and cut people off, not only am I hurting myself in the process but I'm doing something that I always so I don't, judge people. The people I have cut off didn't do anything to intentionally hurt me, they just didn't react in a situation like I would have. This is so deep-rooted though and going to take time, it's been a default setting for as long as long I can remember.
Also a much-needed reminder of how much I let thoughts affect me and my life.” Julie Friday 3rd November 2017

"Justine is easy to talk to and immediately puts people at ease. I came away from our first session with great insights, along with some action steps which have already led to greater confidence.” Sue Brackstone - Mon 30th October 2017

Here is what Victoria had to say about her free session...
“Hey, Justine. I just wanted to tell you, your advice is working beautifully. I was in the kitchen really stressed about a couple of things, the thought of eating my trouble away popped into my head, my stomach was churning like it does when I'm anxious then I thought about where the feeling was coming from and why and that there's nothing I can do about it and it subsided.

So thank you. I'd have spent the whole evening in a state otherwise.”
Victoria Dub Thursday 2ND November 2017

Sounds familiar? Do you want to have a free coaching session like Victoria? Just PM me “Let’s do this” now- simples

I am an international teacher, trainer speaker and coach who is experienced in working with problem-solving, habit breaking, creating sustainable change or goal achievement but I am happy to work on any areas you feel you will benefit the most from.- If this is you then just message "Let's do this" and I will get back to you with my availability. I have committed time before Christmas, well until 23rd December to be precise to reach as many of you as possible. I promise I will get around each and every one of you that's interested in having this conversation- so please bear with me while I am making that happen...I'm looking forward to connecting with you all. (if this sound good to you? PM me now with "Let's do this")

About me…

I have been mentoring/coaching for over 25 years. I am an international teacher, trainer speaker and coach who specialized in health and wellbeing, exercise physiology, dyslexia and assistive technology to bridge the gap between ability and output. I have worked with all ages ranging from 11 to 81 but one commonalities was state of mind. During my first role out of university, I managed a health and fitness complex and soon realised that people came for change. That change could be to lose weight, to increase muscle size.

Over the last 10 years, I have focused on helping people deal with issues of self-confidence and low self-esteem. Changing their unwanted habitual behaviour patterns, to relieve themselves of the churning destructive thought patterns they found themselves stuck in.

This was the start of my journey nearly three decades ago since then I have been coaching in a wide range of fields to a wider range of people. Ready? Then let's talk

Accreditations: BA(Hons) sports and human movement studies- sports/performance psychology, exercise physiology. Functional nutritionist.
In Business Since: > 15 years
Location: Europe
Type of Service:
Cross Cultural
Energy Work
Intuitive Healing
Team Facilitation
Chinese (Mandarin)
Keywords (optional for better exposure): Habit and behavioural change
Meeting Type:
In Person
Service delivery to:
Small group