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How it works


Have you ever struggled to select the right coach for yourself or your business? Struggled to find the perfect keynote speaker for your event or needed a mentor but didn't know where to find the right person? 

You’re up for a promotion, job change or want to step into a different industry altogether? Do you want to become a stronger leader, manager or communicator? Are you looking to take more responsibility for your personal life, relationships or health and propel your life to the next level? 

No matter your goal, a Viveka coach will work with you to achieve it. Each Viveka coach is an expert in their specific niche.

Viveka makes professional development more accessible to the world on a transparent, easy to use and professional marketplace.

 AND Viveka is completely FREE so you needn't worry about excessive agency fees. Try it for yourself... browse here to find an experts tailored to your requirements or contact us at to get clear on your goals and connected to one of our Premium Experts.

Once you have found your coach, go ahead and book your session and 'Update Your Thoughtware'!
That’s it! It’s fast, easy and completely transparent.


We are excited to hear that you are interested in listing your services on Viveka, the world's largest marketplace connecting coaches, mentors and speakers to companies and individuals. We provide you with more leads, more clients, discounts and benefits, as well as a tribe for support. 

Viveka is risk free for you to join. You can trial our services one month for FREE and we only charge a 10% commission once we sell your services.

To further increase your visibility and the amount of leads you receive, contact us to see if you are eligible for our Premium Membership, where we vet and match your with suited companies and individuals. This service is reserved for coaches who qualify based on their experience, brand and area of expertise.

Once you are ready, go to to create your profile and listing by clicking on ‘Post Your Listing'. You will then be prompted to choose one of our two user-friendly membership options to activate your trial.

Your first month is FREE, so you can trial our services risk-free, as well as manage, change or cancel your subscription at any time.

Once your subscription is active, we will grant you access to post your listings within 24 hours. That’s it, you’re now ready to post your listing and expand your brand to reach more clients globally!