Ujjal Gupta

Ujjal is a Leadership & Executive Coach and a Business Mentor. His purpose is to develop happy workplaces which deliver ambitious business results in a sustainable manner.
He pursues this mission of developing happy, ambitious and effective workplaces, by providing coaching and mentoring support to business leaders and helping to raise the standards of leadership practiced throughout the organisation. In such a workplace environment, every participant feels inspired to give their best performance and gets fulfilled at the end of each day.
Coming from a financial management background, Ujjal’s coaching style is a rare combination of business/ financial acumen with coaching skills. Consequently, he delivers coaching which is business result focused and addresses the leader’s behavioral goals and his team interactions, aligning these to business deliverables.
Ujjal brings in more than 30 years’ of management experience in the corporate world into his practice. This experience has been in MNCs such as Unilever group as well as Indian business houses, in the fields of finance and general management.
He became a certified professional coach in 2013, that is, 6 years back, with the intention to support business leaders to improve their professional and business performance. Hi coaching areas cover leadership competencies, team development, emotional intelligence, executive presence, career transition, behavioral effectiveness, etc.

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