An Imperfectly Perfect Life

I’m a strong believer that you connect to the people you are meant to connect with at the right time.
Hi, I'm Shari Leid, your life coach.

I’m so excited to connect with you at this moment, because my passion is working with women who have objectively lived the perfect life.

You want to achieve life’s ultimate goal of finding purpose and happiness.

You realize that there is more to life than even what is your objectively perfect life. Different things have brought on this awareness for you. The awareness could be a significant life event, a birthday, a relationship conflict, a work transition, or it could simply be a feeling that has been nagging at you. You know you aren't living your best life, and you're not progressing. You feel stuck.

My client is the woman who has dotted all of the I’s and crossed all of the T’s. Is this you? You appear to have the perfect life. You graduated from college, may have married the perfect guy, have beautiful children, live in a gorgeous home, travel, and have a set of girlfriends who resemble you. Although your life appears perfect, and you have so much gratitude for all of your blessings, you can’t help but recognize that something is missing.

And I feel very strongly that we’re meant to connect right now.

I help you recognize that the answers to your journey lie within you. I help you see how past messages may no longer be working for you, how obstacles are opportunities in disguise, and I help you let go of the fears of the future and the restraints of the past.
I help you live, fully, in the now.

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