Shane Warren

A country boy by birth, Shane was lucky in that he had the opportunity to witness life in all parts of the world as both a child and adult having lived, studied and worked in the UK, USA, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, and South Africa, to name a few. 

Over the years Shane has been an avid student undertaking studies in theology, philosophy, psychology, business, finance and specialised areas of medicine and law. Therefore, Shane has had a career in many roles; including trainer, business manager, youth worker, writer, coach, social researcher, political adviser and consultant. 
Shane is a registered psychotherapist; certified clinical supervisor, certified practising hypnotherapist and a certified practising coach; with private practices in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Singapore and Hong Kong.

He is currently the Asia-Pac Convenor for the Association for Coaching (UK) and recently resigned as the Founding Co-Chair of the Asia Pacific Ethical Board of Review (Singapore).
Over the years Shane has been in the right place at the right time to receive a number of rewards and acknowledgements; these include a number of Career Achievement and Community Development Decorations through the Australia Councils Young Australian of the Year Awards Program; a position within the New Leaders Foundation of Australia and New Zealand; and mentorship with Operation Livewire New Business Strategies; an Order of Australia recommendation nomination and several scholarships and small business awards.

In 2013 Shane was awarded the Asia Pacific Coach of the Year for services to the coaching community by the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches.

Not just a practitioner, Shane has also co-published a number of books most recently Perspectives of Coping and Resilience in association with Dr Vekat Pulla (of the Australian Catholic University) and Dr Andrew Shatté (of the University of Arizona); as well as Diversity in Coaching: Working with gender, culture, race and age with Prof. Jonathan Passmore (of the University of Redding).

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