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David Davies is a certified Sandler Trainer.

He is an engaging, straight talking, challenging speaker on the art of sales, building sales teams, leading and managing teams, strategic enterprise selling and channel partner development.

He has trained hundreds of salespeople, managers, business leaders and clients throughout his 30 3/4 year career.

Typically he is invited to speak when you want real-world impact from a genuine practitioner of what he says. No 'ivory tower' theory. David has sold for and to some of the largest organisations on the planet; from some pretty small businesses. He continues to sell actively and successfully today.

His entertaining, light-hearted style, contains a message that will really strike at the heart of the fears that prevent you from achieving your goals. That message is Guts and Humor – the best survival mechanism for a long-term career in sales.

Popular topics include:

Why buyers don’t buy….and how you (and your people) help them to not buy
- Understand the Buyer-Seller dance and how implementing a selling system puts you back in control of the sales process.

Sell more, more often, more easily, to the people you choose, for the price you expect
- 8 steps to getting paid for your expertise and growing your sales.

The day you discover you are a 'talesman' and how to deal with the disappointment
- How to quieten the 'little professor' and really understand how you can solve your clients problems

Nobody died in the making of this sales call
- The art of prospecting for meetings without putting pressure on yourself or the prospect

David gets invited to speak to leadership, management and sales teams at annual conventions, quarterly off-sites, networking groups, trade associations, investor groups and event organisers.

David Davies will show you and your people how to sell just as well in the good times as the tough times.

Don't change what you sell; change how you sell.

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