Coach Rambo

Following a massive personal transformation, I'm doing what I was meant to do on this planet; serve people to unleash the badass hidden within them. As a no-bullshit coach, I inspire people to fulfill their true potential by crushing their limiting beliefs and lame excuses.
I believe that my past brought me to where I am today. Completed my Engineering degree in Israel and found out that I've climbed the wrong mountain. Left the shiny high-tech world and moved to Thailand in 2000.
Started my new life in a foreign country (paradise, yet foreign), where I achieved a Master in eLearning Methodology, and enjoyed over 15 years as a Qualified Educator and eLearning professional.
The real transformation started where I have discovered the world of coaching. The impact was huge and it started a fantastic transformation journey where I've learned the life coaching profession from various inspiring experts from around the world.
After wasting a huge part of my life doing the wrong things, I feel it's my duty to help others better their life NOW. Coach Rambo is always up to the challenge to awaken people to live the life they didn't dare to dream is possible. Success is just around the corner, and I can take you there.

My motto: Change your Mindset - Change your life.

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