Marla Williams Intuitive Coach

LIFE/CAREER: Are you happy? Do you love your life and career? Are you going through challenging times? Do you worry? Do you have stress-related health issues? Then we should talk! I am an intuitive life, career, and business coach and energy healer that helps people find happiness, health, and purpose in all aspects of their life. I have first-hand experience healing my own life and creating a life I love and have dedicated my career to helping others do the same. I am trained and skilled in a wide varied of energy-based modalities from mindfulness, breathing, and grounding, visualization, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and others.

BUSINESS: I am a business coach who has success helping leaders become better leaders, develop game-changing cultures and create a strategy that works. If you are ready to take your company, team or your life to a whole new level, we should talk. I received this testimonial, "When talking to you each week, it feels like Jedi Knight Training. It is just like going to Yoda for coaching and training." My gift is listening and intuitively knowing how to help you, your team and your company get clarity on what you should focus on and achieve and how to build more "fun" and "success" into your business. I will help you and your team capitalize on individual strengths while helping develop systems, processes, and strategies to ensure you and your team are doing exactly what you should be doing. I help companies achieve internal success while also teaching them how to deliver the ultimate customer experience which increases loyalty and profitability.

Every person within a team has unique gifts and all of them together make a whole. Be confident you and your team will have extreme clarity around who each of you is and what you are meant to be and do in this world. When everyone capitalizes on their true strengths and work together as a team, you will all make a true difference in the world. Know that by the end of the process, you'll be well ahead of where you would be on your own.
My clients...
• find their company is more strategic, stable, efficient and successful
• learn how to make customers their true north
• are happier in life and feel great every single day
• have more balanced, meaningful and purposeful life’s

When you hire me, you get...
1. A Trailblazing, Pioneering Expert - I am a natural at starting/building successful companies/programs and helping others do the same. It’s what I do. I have 25 years of groundbreaking game-changing experiences. You can rest assured that I will help you take your life, your career, company and/or your dreams to a higher level in less time.
2. Intuitive Strategist - that has the ability and skills to involve the entire team and get buy into strategy and direction

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