I am a life and business energy consultant, coach and mentor in the following areas:
• Identification of negative subconscious programs and their transformation
• Crisis management, both business and personal
• Human factors in business, emotional and mental attitude issues
• Personal and business relationships
• Professional burnout

My education and practice include:
• Business management - over 30 years of practice as a manager, partner, and owner of small and medium companies
• Loss adjusting, surveying and claims handling - over 20 years of practice as an independent expert and experts team manager
• Personal development and leadership trainer - development of ca. 6000 people business partners structure in 2 years
• Hypnotherapy - Certified Hypnotherapist, Polish Institute of Hypnosis, IAPCH, HTA
• Plenty of various professional training courses regarding business management and leadership, marketing, therapy, coaching and nutrition, including Reiki, PSYCH-K® and others.

My history:
I started to deal with business right after graduating from the Warsaw University of Technology in 1985 while working as a journalist at the same time. Two years later, I had a rapidly growing company. However, unexpected changes in economic policy related to the political transformation in Poland together with a very serious car accident and break of my spine took me out of my life for several months. I survived but lost the company, got in huge debts and troubles and had to gather all my strength to cope and come back to life.
Next was a small consulting and IT company from scratch, writing programs, designing systems and step by step dealing with debts. Then I join a huge global marketing company and build a structure with hundreds and then thousands of partners. At the same time, thanks to practical work with growing teams, I learn about the corners of human personality and the complexities of emotions, which allow me to help others develop themselves more effectively. Unfortunately, my marriage didn't stand the test of time. I left the business to my wife and again had to start my life from scratch.
I take up a job as a staff surveyor at Lloyd’s agency, spend there about 1 ½ year and soon after leaving the agency start working with a large global network providing services to insurance companies as a board member and managing director. For almost 20 years, first alone, then with a growing team of employees, I develop hundreds and thousands of assignments from insurers and brokers from around the world, which were often so complex that they required months of work. Their total number exceeded 10,000. In many cases, they resulted in a financially effective solution to the problem of both the insurer and his client.
Recognizing the dominant role of the human factor in damage, losses and the business crises they cause, I decided to expand my knowledge and skills with an in-depth study of human nature, emotions, behavior patterns, beliefs, habits, and subconscious controlling programs. Practice in these areas allows me to implement modern, multidimensional methods of analysis, consulting and counseling as well as practical assistance to customers in solving problems and effective development.
My mission is to help active and entrepreneurial people increase their personal potential, reduce stress, and facilitate recovery from damage, loss, and crisis.

For analysis and harmonization support purposes I use Time Waver®, the Information Field Interface based on the newest quantum physics developments.

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