Inspired Wellness Tucson, LLC

I've been a massage therapist since 1998, and in private practice since August 2007. I've also trained in Reiki at the highest level, and have been a reiki practitioner since 2011. I've also been a holistic health & weight loss coach since 2011, helping women overcome emotional overeating, use exercise for stress relief and rewire the nervous system to crave healthy habits instead of junk when life gets stressful. I relocated from Austin TX to Tucson AZ in 2016.

I work primarily with women, both in my bodywork and coaching practices. I especially love to help women who struggle with anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic pain and overeating find new perspective and experience more pleasure--more joy. Mindset & mental re-frames are critical to shift to a new perspective that changes habits. I love helping clients feel motivated and inspired to create real, lasting change. Rather than relying on will power alone, I like to empower my clients to connect to the "big why" behind their goals, so they can be more consistently motivated by their bigger vision. I'm also very comfortable working in the arena of grief recovery, after losing both parents and several beloved pets over the years. Again, perspective and mindset there are key!

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