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Kristen Ulmer’s career started in professional athletics as an extreme skier. She was fearlessly doing big jumps, daredevil stunts, and other dangerous and amazing ski tricks. Many were fascinated with how fearless and courageous she was.

Kristen was a member of the US Ski Team in 1991. In 1997, she became the first-ever woman to ski the Grand Teton. On top of her achievements in the Ski Industry, she held the title of being the best woman big mountain skier in the world for 12 years. She was also voted “Most Fearless Woman in America” by the outdoor industry over all other women in other sports and disciplines.

Behind all of Kristen’s success as a professional skier, she felt burnt out. She began to hate skiing and even in winter. She realized that throughout her skiing career, she was repressing and conquering fear to be able to ski the way she wanted to. She, then, decided to take a break.

Kristen studied Zen for 15 years. With the help of a zen master, she learned how fear can be useful and how it can be embraced. She believes that one cannot conquer fear but only embrace fear. She is the author of The Art of Fear which was published in 2017.

Kristen is currently a thought leader, mindset sports coach, and fear specialist. She has worked with other athletes and helped them deal with repressed fear. She also helped several people suffering from depression, anxiety, and other problems. She conducts camps, one-on-one discussions, and seminars to share her message and help people understand their fears. Her works have been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and more.

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