Radical Freedom Coaching

Kimberley Elliott, the Radical Freedom™ Coach, is on a mission to support innovative, heart-centered leaders in shifting from isolation and tension to inclusive, inspired and impactful action.

As a professional Co-Active™ coach, Kimberley brings more than 15 years experience in the coaching industry. In addition to private sessions, she has facilitated trainings and retreats on wellness, creativity, leadership and engagement. Having worked across the state of California as a regional advisor in public health programs and policy, she also brings extensive expertise in resource development and community building.

Kimberley is a graduate of The Coaches Training Institute in the San Francisco Bay Area. She earned her Master’s degree from Naropa University where she completed her thesis on Creativity and Compassionate Leadership. In 2015, she served on the board of the International Coach Federation’s San Francisco Bay Area Chapter taking on the role of Marketing Director.

In addition to her professional coaching and consulting experience, Kimberley carries a deeply rooted passion for creative embodiment. She is an artist and dancer engaged in ongoing independent and collaborative projects. Her intent in creating Radical Freedom Coaching emerged from a desire to provide a confidential, discovery space where clients could connect with and further activate their creative genius.

Working with Kimberley will transport creative ideas to the forefront and generate an open space that allows for greater access to confidence, creativity and intuition. She holds space for clients to become the designers of their legacy as they tap into their wisdom and evolve as leaders. Kimberley’s energy and collaborative spirit delivers an all-inclusive and inventive approach to the coaching relationship.

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