Jasrin Singh

My own transformation journey started in my early thirties, Two existential questions plagued my mind

  1. Who am I? (Beyond the roles that I play in this life) and
  2. What is my purpose for being here? (The larger purpose)

The search for answers to those questions led me to a long and meaningful period of intense study to better understand the human condition and the role that our thoughts and emotions play in creating our life. The result of that journey was a profound personal transformation and finding that my purpose lay in Coaching others.

I work with you to take you through significant shifts, so you can thrive and prosper in life using intuitive wisdom and a variety of impactful tools.

My Certifications include:
Certified Coach Certification - ICA
Neurolinguistic Programming Coach
Thinking Into Results Coach
Meridiens Energy Healing
Yoga and Meditation

I have a significant amount of business experience, having spent more than fifteen years in Marketing and Business Development roles, working in both local and regional capacities. I have a Masters in English Literature and an MBA from INSEAD

Please contact me at jasrin.singh@eikaa.org
Visit my website : www.eikaa.org
Visit my blog : www.jasrinsingh.com

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