Cornelia Ina B

I envision a world where every individual thrives in their lives and in their careers. Everybody has something that excites them. It's my job to help them find it and get it.

No matter what I do in order to realise my vision, I hold myself accountable to 6 guiding values: Kindness & Fairness, Authenticity & Daring, Perseverance & Discipline.

I coach people to plant creative seedlings that grow into large projects that both inspire them and have an impact on their community in weird and wonderful ways. I love it when people around me lose track of time while immersing themselves in their projects so I am constantly encouraging clients to keep going. I study the latest research in creativity, positivity, decision-making, motivation, emotional intelligence and productivity in order to put them into action. I am an applied researcher of sorts and I am constantly tweaking and improving my client processes.

I am an ICF credentialed coach and I have a masters degree in Career Management and Coaching.

Top executives do it. Politicians do it. Elite athletes do it. Why? Because coaching helps them be at their best. Coaching brings clarity, expands creativity, and maintains focus and motivation. Coaching done right will support the best version of you.

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