Iliana R

I’m a business person, through and through! Through over two decades of extensive education, and consulting and coaching in various sectors like telecommunications, digital, technology and government, one thing has remained constant – my fascination with leadership methods and business management frameworks to achieve results. I always told people that I wanted to be a CEO one day, because I really believe that I have it within me to guide an organization while serving and protecting its most important resource – its people. I pride myself on my leadership style and on caring for each and every person I support on my team. This helped me progress in my career but I always felt like something was missing.

As part of my professional development, I was paired with a coach who equipped me with the ability to better provide actionable feedback and to have important career conversations with my team. So not only was he helping me be my best professional self, but he was also teaching me how to pass that on to others. And I thought, what an incredible ripple effect! Who wouldn’t want to make that much difference in the world, right? So I was hooked. From there on, I didn’t care about progressing in an organization. I had found a way to amplify my effect by helping other leaders, and improving not only their personal and professional lives, but also the lives of their teams.

Solutions start with people, and I believe sustainable, scalable and positive change starts with successful partnerships. Whether you’re looking to better your team’s performance, your own skills as a leader or are seeking specific strategies and resolutions to strategic and operational challenges, I am here to help you accelerate your personal and professional development, so you can concentrate on honing your craft and maximizing your output.

All the memorable politicians, actors and athletes have coaches, why shouldn’t you?
Years from now, you will look back on this experience and realize it was the best investment you could have made for yourself. My commitment is to always work in your best interest and to guide you towards sustainable positive change.

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