Hemani Jayaswal

enabling transformations through powerful conversations and deep insights

“No two brains are wired the same.”
Working with diverse groups and Individuals over the years has helped me develop my own unique style in Coaching. This is a flexible blend of Brain based coaching, Emotional intelligence &Transactional analysis tools interwoven with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques. Above all I have a profound respect for the human spirit and its vast potential. I creatively coach individuals drawing upon my intuition and theirs, hence Enabling one individual after another reach their highest potential through Trans formative high impact Coaching.
As a catalyst to this process I use various tools including visual and sensory aids , music , mindfulness metaphors ,whole brain coaching.
In coaching leaders, I use a systemic coaching approach for the organization to get optimum results.
I help clients understand what drives them, including their thinking, needs, fears, values and the self- imposed rules they live by- "connect to their being or their who”

I enable clients break out of their deeply hardwired “autopilot mode” and move into conscious thought and deliberate action. This helps them embed new and positive habits in their brains to create long-lasting, transformation changes.

I am an ICF certified Coach, a master practitioner in NLP . As a global member of International Association of Facilitators & International Coach Federation, My Vision is a world in which people live joyful, empowered, conscious lives.

Living in the moment and holding space-what a fabulous way to share and create change! What a fabulous way to live life and share the gift of mindfulness.

It is my hope that through coaching you find that moment as well.

I am a certified Facilitator with over 5000 hours of training. I enjoy working with teenage children in their quest for achieving their goals and dreams.

Besides One to One Coaching I also lead Group Coaching sessions and conduct workshops/sessions on:
• Life vision and Enhancement
• Mindfulness
• Managers as Internal Coaches
• Managerial skills
• DR. David Rock Brain based approach to Coaching
• Emotional Wellness Programs
• Self-Empowerment Programs
• Soft skill Training Programs

ICF Certified Executive Coach by Neuroleadership Group| Certified wellness Coach ICF| Certified NLP Master Practitioner by NLP academy | Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer by Six Seconds | Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources and Personnel Management from symbiosis| Diploma in Training & Development from Indian Society of Training & Development |Bachelors in Economics. Hansraj College, University of Delhi. Modern School , Barakhamba Road

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