Finding Your Moment Coaching

Finding Your Moment is an effective change agent in your career and life decisions. Through goals, strengths, and positive intentions, I will empower you to ‘Find Your Moment’ and realize your dreams.


Career: I help motivated people find meaningful work as they transition to careers that are authentic and to work they LOVE!

Small Business: I help entrepreneurs and small business owners build purpose-driven & profitable businesses. I, too, am a business owner and have been part of family businesses throughout my life. I know what it's like to juggle lots of moving parts and keep things working day to day.

Academics: In my Coaching School Selection Program, I provide unbiased support for those considering coaching as a profession as they determine which coaching school will be the right fit for them.


Reach your career goals faster with up-to-date personally branded electronic and written career documents. Together we will showcase who you are and the very best of what you have to offer.

I motivate clients to seek fulfillment and clarity of purpose through focusing on their strengths and creating a structure for success. Together we will create action steps, while examining and ultimately eliminating obstacles through coaching, personal branding, and clarity programs.

I’m in your corner as a sounding board, strategic thinker and advocate.

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