Finding The Light Counselling

I am a professional counsellor & life coach in Bundaberg, Queensland and I can help you overcome debilitating anxiety and depression around issues of trauma and conflict.

My experience as a qualified, professional life coach and relationship counsellor helps you resolve personal conflict and workplace conflict and you benefit from feelings of restored confidence and calm – helping you overcome feelings of unhappiness.

When you choose my professional life coaching services at Finding The Light (FTL) Counselling & Coaching, you benefit from a caring approach that gets genuine results – for life-changing counselling for personal and professional issues, including:

• Family Violence
• Relationship conflict
• Workplace conflict
• Stress
• Anxiety
• Sexual abuse
• Depression
• Grief & loss
• Relationship breakdown
• Conflict resolution

By taking control of anxiety, depression and stress and making them your friend, you’ll enjoy better relationships, increased workplace productivity and resolved conflict – helping you gain fresh focus.

With professional counselling and coaching services at FTL, problems seem smaller, and life becomes easier.

This could mean a better sex life, rewarding professional success, stress reduction and happier relationships.

Imagine a life with renewed confidence and calm clarity helping you make positive decisions.

At FTL, you experience service that takes care of your needs.

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