Coach Kim

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my profile. I'm an expert career and mindset coach in Melbourne.

A little about me
I am an imaginative empathetic leader, guided by my own core values and beliefs. Focused on possibilities rather than reality, I see potential for a better future, and support and encourage individuals to pursue truth and meaning with their own individual flair.

I am are often offbeat and unconventional, and feel no desire to conform. I would rather be true to myself than try to fit in with the crowd. I have a highly creative and imaginative way of thinking (more than most) and am uninterested in the dull facts of a situation, preferring instead to interpret its meaning and implications

I am sensitive, caring, and compassionate, and are deeply interested with the personal growth of myself and others, believing that each person must follow their own path. I can often see many points of view and enjoy helping people find their happiness.

My mind is better able to process loosely connected ideas, and so I am more apt to appreciate the different and unusual ideas, combined with my business experience and skills results in brilliant outcomes for my clients.

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