I coach C-suite executives - CEOs and Directors - who are facing one of two questions:

"How do I deal with challenges that are making my work increasingly more difficult and less enjoyable?"

"How do I realise the potential that I know I have, but that I cannot seem to release?"

When these questions go unanswered, the result can be frustration, anger, stress and conflict, which can eventually compromise our physical and mental wellbeing, as well as impacting our performance, and that of our organisation.

The received wisdom tells us to work on the situation to improve our experience of it. The bad news is, as many have discovered, that this strategy doesn't work.

The reality is that our experience of work is wholly determined by our 'inner dynamics" - the thinking, feeling, mindsets and belief-systems that we create our world with. The real levers for change lie within us, which is great news because our inner world is easier to change than our outer world, and the impact is much more profound. For that reason, my coaching focuses on self-awareness as the key to changing our thinking, feeling and behaviour. My clients become the architects of their experience, instead of its victims.

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