Thea Anderson Life Coach

Life & Creative Career/Business Coaching for Sensitive, Creative & Intuitive Women ready to make it happen!

I also specialise in supporting women in media professions & creative/healing/therapeutic careers/pursuits.

I'm known for my warmth & intuitive ability (being able to 'tune in' to my clients) & for being deeply empathic. I offer support for life purpose, confidence, relationships/family & spiritual development. I also coach around well being/health, finding joy/fun, dealing with your emotions & stress release. I work with internal blocks (mind set, belief or energetic blocks) & making practical external changes (making great plans, being accountable & courageous). I believe in transformation via internal shift combined with external action being the most powerful!

I've been a life coach for more then a decade now & have seen powerful transformations in my clients in that time. I also believe in deeply walking my talk! I have been through huge changes (that required lots of courage) in my own life (including 6 years of recovery from a serious illness when I was younger). I hold the space, empathise & will work to make real world big changes with you around whatever it is you need.

"It's hard to overstate how much Thea has helped me move forward with my startup and in my personal life. The work that she is doing is cutting edge...I can't recommend her highly enough. If you're interested in help as you move through the blocks that are keeping you from your best life, start working with Thea today." Rachel Cook CEO of SEEDS, US

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