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Are you frustrated with your money situation.
Have you tried changing jobs and doing everything that people have told you about making money and yet find yourself always short of money.
Or have you had really good intentions about saving money or changing habits that have not been working for you and have not been able to follow through on it.
Do you believe you deserve to make more money and yet are no where close to making it.
Do you have beliefs like "It is possible for them and not for me."

If your answer is Yes for any or all of the above I can help you.

I have taken so many of my clients through these very same processes and they have been blown away with what we have uncovered as the root causes of their money situation. Once we cleared away all the underlying causes they were not only able to make much more money but they were also being able to reach their goals around money.

I would love to take you through these processes and help you make the money you deserve.

Email me at audreyvaidya@gmail.com to schedule a free Strategy Session so you can get clarity on your money situation and how to change it.

Audrey has been in the industry for the last 7 years and her own self exploratory journey has been for the last 20yrs. She brings in all of that experience into her sessions with her clients.

Audrey is highly intuitive and her clients are often amazed at how quickly she gets to the root of their situation. Her goal is to achieve the results that her clients are seeking and she is very single minded in achieving this goal. Her analytical mind helps her diagnose the situation and find answers to questions asked. With her varied skill set she has been able to help her clients not only make more money but also live a happier life.

Audrey Vaidya is an experienced Transformational Coach who is certified as a Heal Your Life Workshop Leader, EFT, Reiki and Bars Practitioner. She is driven by her passion to help her clients live fulfilling and successful lives. It is this passion that has her constantly seeking new learning opportunities and seminars in order to improve the results for her clients.

Audrey truly believes that just like Michael Angelo carved David from the slab of marble by chiseling away what was not David, so also there is a David within all of us that can shine forth once everything that is not us is chiseled away.

So let me help you uncover the David in you. Email me at audreyvaidya@gmail.com to schedule a Strategy Session.

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