Shes Got The Keys

My name is Auburn (Like the color or university). I'm a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, Mindset & Money Life Coach , Speaker, Founder of Keys To My Life and Shes Got The Keys Podcast. I was born and raised in the Music Capitol Of The World, Austin, TX. I love everything about this diverse and vibrant city. I enjoy live concerts, art shows, book stores, anything outdoors, hanging out at small coffee shops, and exploring the city with those I love most.

As a Mindset + Money Coach, I’m determined to helping you rewire your mindset. This is the first KEY and the most important allowing you to be the very best version of yourself and to unlock your full potential. My mission is that every day when you wake up, you're doing exactly what you love and that you feel in alignment with your life's purpose. If you're feeling out of alignment in a particular area of your life right now then it maybe showing up in other areas of your life too which is limiting you from your personal growth and success.

When it comes to our thoughts, we so often have this unconscious noise in our brains that is playing over and over in the back background. We might not even realize the magnitude of it, or the effects it has on us, or, we do and simply try to suppress it. Having an outside, objective listener allows us to get out of our own heads and push past the self-limiting beliefs that may be preventing us from making the changes we want to see in our lives. You may try to approach a problem the same way several times, to realize that, and all that may be required to find a solution is an outside perspective to break out unproductive thought patterns.

During our time together I will ask you powerful questions that facilitate your thinking, to help you create a solution-focused outcome. By doing so, I use Neuroscience and Neuro-linguistic programming techniques and strategies to help you unlock your own knowledge of how to move forward and create your ideal future.


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