Assel R

Life coach, NLP Trainer (CTAS)/Business and Management coach, Image Consultant
My motto is “Building bridges between people” and my goal is to create a more kind and compassionate world by connecting people through their hearts and souls to each other.
I love coaching and motivating people of different age, professional background and the main goal for me is – to help people improving their lives. I stimulate them to re-discover their own potential, inner strengths, personal power and see clearly their hidden dreams.

I create tailored programs for my clients in three main categories: health, relationships and career.
I guide people during their weight loss, support them during difficult times such as job loss or divorce, and also help them to improve their current state of mind, body and life. Besides offering one-on-one online coaching, I am also happy to work with teams.
All my services and programs are available in three languages - Russian, English and German.
I am a Member of the International Association of Coaches and hold professional Diplomas from the Coach Trainer Akademie Schweiz, St. Galler Coaching Model and work as a Systemic coach, NLP trainer, Business and Management coach since 2018.
I also hold a Master Degree in International Relations and a Bachelor degree in Arts and Design.
Additionally, I received professional certificates in Cognitive behavioral and Gestalt therapies from the Moscow Institute of Psychology. I constantly work on my own self development through different coaching programs and studies and currently do a second MS in Psychology.
Before beginning my coaching career, I worked in an international organization in Vienna, for almost 10 years in different positions, mainly in the field of HR and administration. This gave me incredible experience in intercultural understanding, as I had the opportunity to work and communicate with more than 500 people from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. After graduation from university I worked as an image consultant and designer and had my own design studio, which was created to help people improve their looks and environment.
I am practicing Yoga and meditation more than 20 years and love writing. In my free time, I also like to paint.

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