Alyse McConnell

I believe one of the greatest parts of the human experience is our ability to choose. We can create whatever kind of life we want, regardless of the circumstances we were born into. This drives my passion and power as a coach. I am committed to your up-level. Whatever that is for you:
- Financial Freedom;
- A Passionate, Intimate, Fulfilling Relationship; or
- A Healthy Mind and Healthy Body.

Most of us want something more in one of those areas. Some of us want, need it, are desperate for the the relief we think more money, a better relationship or better health will offer. Others of us feel like we've got it pretty good and who are we to want more. Still others have created massive success and have plateaued and still plagued with the idea that their must be something more.

Victor Frankl was fond of saying there is a space between what we see, hear, and feel and how we respond. “In that space is our power to choose our response,” he said. “In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

My job and joy as your coach is to help expand that space — to expand your awareness — and then help you choose the best course of action in how you respond. Awareness multiplied by Action is the foundation of A2.

Generating awareness and taking action outside your comfort zone is the pathway to growth and freedom. It’s one of the most important skill sets the best leaders learn to develop in themselves and others. A coaching relationship adds velocity as well as supports you to see what you can't see on your own.

I bring professional experience as a business trainer, corporate leader and start-up entrepreneur with the personal life lessons cultivated as a mother, wife, and cancer survivor. A graduate of Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, I earned her credentials as a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation after completing the San Diego, CA-based Accomplishment Coaching program, where I went on to become an instructor and program leader.

I coach people from all backgrounds and work with companies of every size and scope. For nearly 20 years I've supported a range of clients, from individuals focused on personal and professional development to mid-level managers intent on stepping up their game to top leaders implementing massive strategic shifts. I attract clients who put a premium on working with anyone who expects high standards for performance and results. I also know firsthand how people, teams, and organizations work and recognizes the stumbling blocks that often stand in the way of top performance and rob joy from daily life. Uncovering the ways to overcome these obstacles is my version of fun.

A few recent success stories:
 The Director of Operations was preparing to step into her new role as CEO and had reputation for being ‘difficult.” She wanted coaching to navigate the transition as well as create a groundswell of support by shifting the perception of her. Alyse supported her vision for cultural transformation with specific focus on building trust and leading in the face of change. Shift to CEO achieved nine months earlier than anticipated and welcomed as the obvious step for organizational growth.

 A group of Regional Sales VPs wanted coaching for team development with an intention of increased sales. Utilizing feedback from individual 360-degree assessments, Alyse coached the leaders to identify training gaps and increase team performance. In that year, sales shifted from the single digits to an 18% jump. In addition, 20% more team members earned recommendations for promotion.

 A mid-sized company wanted to deepen the management bench in preparation for expansion. Alyse designed and provided concurrent leadership development and coaching programs to enable change. As leaders improved — supporting their teams better and providing more accountability ¬— sales went up, even while the rest of the industry announced store closures and reported sales declines

Through it all, I remain a lifelong student in the application of energy well placed. I bring interpersonal warmth and imaginative spark to create partnerships with clients that ignites change and fans success. As a result — by expanding their space for awareness and action — clients tap into new worlds of possibility, purpose, and power.

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